Our Mission

Women have many choices and styles when it comes to fashion. Men's world of fashion however seems to be more conservative, reserve  and the style can often be very limited. Our mission is to provide elevated, functional shoes with a touch of flamboyance, humour and dash. We want to  inject life & excitement to our Soles. We are not just selling shoes, we are dressing you up with confidence!


We want to give men equal opportunity to be excited about their shoes as Carrie Bradshaw (Sexy & the City)  would feel about her collection of shoes. Wearing heels to boost height and confidence should not be limited to women only! We aim to push the boundaries of convention, introducing our height increasing shoes /elevator shoes to the 35billion men out there. 

Why choose our shoes...? Because we believe that classy, elegant , stylish shoes do not need to be unreasonably expensive. They can be affordable and of high quality. 


Stand Tall, Walk Tall - The Secret to Confidence


Our Shoes

Our elevator shoes are mostly handcrafted shoes designed for class and to wear with style. Mind you, they are assembled in the same factory as some highly priced, branded shoes you see in boutiques. Our shoe is cleverly engineered to hide the height increase heels, dressing you up to look smart and tall without on-lookers noticing the height increasing heels.

Given all the craftsmanship by each highly skilled master and the originality of the material, each shoe is unique and may vary slightly from the same shoe your friend just bought. But fear not, all are shoes are wear tested before mass production and carefully inspected before packaging. This is our principle for the passionate love and interest in ensuring you look great in it!